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Laser Hair Removal vs. Shaving

There’s been an ongoing debate about hair removal methods — to shave or not to shave. Everything changed, however, when alternatives to shaving — namely, laser hair removal — were introduced in the late 1990s after two decades of extensive research.  So, how do you determine which hair removal method, laser or shaving, best suits you? What are the advantages of each? Vivia Center can help. We’ve compared the two methods below to help you decide:

The close sharp shave

The oldest and most primal methods of hair removal is shaving. With the help of a sharp blade, a razor is used to remove unwanted hair on the skin surface. Today’s razors carry up three to four blades for the closest of shaves. For the ladies, a close shave in sensitive areas requires a steady hand. For the men, a razor becomes tricky for hair removal other than the face.

  • Shave Pros

  • Immediate results
  • Convenience at home
  • Disposable product
  • Smooth hairless skin
  • Do it yourself
  • Cost effective
  • Shave Cons

  • Potential for knicks and cuts
  • Dull blades or no razor
  • Cannot be recycled in the US
  • Only lasts 1-3 days
  • Potential for rash or bumps
  • Price or razors on the rise

The alternative to razor.

Ultimately, shaving and laser hair removal have the same common goal; to remove unwanted hair from the skin surface. The laser hair removal process sends pulses of light to eliminate unwanted hair. The laser targets the melanin pigment of the hair and penetrates the hair follicle root and disables the hair growth. The pulsing lasts only for a fraction a second, just long enough to disable the follicle, but not long enough to burn skin. The melanin, or dark pigment, is broken down and destroyed. Laser treatments are strong and interact with hair pigments; therefore, a discussion about skin color, hair color, and skin conditions will occur before any treatment takes place.

  • Laser Hair Removal Pros

  • Noticeable results
  • Reaches the hard to reach places
  • Performed by a licensed practitioner
  • Advances in new technology
  • Up to 90% hair reduction
  • Laser Hair Removal Cons

  • Requires multiple treatments
  • Possible temporary redness or swelling
  • Results vary with skin color, hair color, and skin condition
  • Some discomfort during procedure
  • Results vary based on skin type

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