Endymed vs Thermage

Endymed vs. Thermage: Which Is Right For You?

Are you noticing a few wrinkles on the horizon of your smile or eyes?

If you are contemplating a skin tightening treatment, your timing is perfect! There are plenty of non-surgical options out there to assess. If you seek a noninvasive option, consider techniques using radio frequency to tighten loose or sagging skin. This type of treatment uses radio frequency (RF) energy to stimulate and increase collagen and as a result can dramatically reduce the signs of aging. The process heats up the collagen in the lower layer of the skin (dermis), causing the collagen fibers in the skin to contract. This contraction of the fibers pulls the skin tighter and giving it a healthier appearance.

In less than a decade, numerous radio frequency-based devices have surfaced in the medical cosmetic industry as a popular alternative to cosmetic surgery. Let’s compare two leading skin tightening treatments, Endymed vs. Thermage, and you decide.

Endymed vs. Thermage

Thermage® was the first RF-based device to gain FDA approval and has the longest track record on the market, starting in 2002. Its newest product, Thermalift, uses a computer controlled handheld device that provides a pulse of heat directed underneath the skin to start the collagen remodeling process. All metal jewelry must be removed as it could cause interference with the radio frequencies. There is no pain after the treatment and you can return to normal activities immediately. Results happen over the course of two to three months after the initial visit, and you can see a gradual improvement for up to a year.

EndyMed Pure®, The 3DEEP Company, also uses Radio frequency (RF) technology and made its debut in 2009. The procedure safely heats the collagen in the skin using a hand-held laser to deliver sufficient energy to the target areas. The treatment triggers the process of new collagen production, leading to a significant change in skin appearance. The treatment takes only about 30-40 minutes, but multiple visits may be required to achieve desired result. The temperature of the skin is monitored closely and some patients have described it equivalent to a hot shower. The EndyMed Pure® procedure is quick and painless and requires no downtime. You may resume normal activities immediately after treatment.

Both Thermage® and EndyMed Pure® are safe and painless cosmetic therapies designed to tighten loose skin using radio frequency. Still not sure which treatment you should do? Contact Vivia Center to set up a free skin consultation where our skincare experts will help you decide on Endymed vs. Thermage. What are you waiting for?


Vivia Center offers skin care treatments covering a wide range of needs utilizing the latest technologies, giving patients a superior service from a medical team they know and trust.


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