Foods With Vitamin D

Known to many as the sunshine vitamin, the natural source of vitamin D is the sun. We need vitamin D to prevent diseases like cancer, diabetes, and osteoporosis and numerous others that are linked to a vitamin D deficiency. The sunshine vitamin is also necessary for calcium absorption into the body for strong bones and teeth. We create 90% of our vitamin D naturally from sunlight exposure to skin, specifically from ultraviolet B exposure, which coverts cholesterol in the skin to vitamin D3 to aid in the absorption of calcium. With the sun as our primary source of D, studies reveal that even in sunny months, Americans aren’t getting the recommended levels (600 IU daily.) If you can’t get outside, consider adding these foods with Vitamin D to your diet that provide a powerful dose of vitamin D, like salmon, dairy and mushrooms.


The absolute best source for vitamin D besides the sun is a 3 ounce serving of salmon. It can deliver nearly a full day supply of D that is stored in your body’s fat, so it’s not necessary to eat fish every day.


Since the 1930’s, U.S. milk manufacturers added vitamin D to reduce the occurrence of rickets, a bone disease affecting children. Since then, the fortification of milk provides about 20% of the daily vitamin D recommendation.


Like humans, mushrooms create vitamin D when exposed to direct sunlight. By exposing one cup of raw mushrooms to midday sunlight, studies have shown vitamin D levels can increase from 25-100% of the daily recommendation (results may vary based on mushroom species and length of time left in the sun.)

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