How To Fix Dry Hands

Your hands take a beating during winter. Exposure to the elements can wreak havoc on skin, especially the hands. These tools nature gave us are used and abused without ever giving it a second thought until they dry out, crack, and sting. At that point, you can moisturize and rejuvenate dry, chapped hands with a few simple steps. If you’re wondering how to fix dry hands, follow these tips.

  1. Pick skin-friendly products. Harsh soaps and powerful dishwashing liquids can really dry out your skin. Instead, use a mild or moisturizing hand soap to wash your hands, then rinse them under warm water for approximately 20 seconds. Be sure to dry hands thoroughly and gently. If you have cracked hands, be sure to blot to absorb any water that may linger in the cracks. After drying, apply a moisturizing hand lotion. The lotion will replace and lock in moisture, working from the inside out to create healthier, healed skin. Consider choosing a non-greasy lotion formula to help skin stay soft and smooth.
  2. Protect your hands from the elements. When the temperatures drop, so does the moisture in the air, creating low humidity levels. Cold climates and low humidity quickly diminish skin of moisture, particularly exposed parts of the body, like your hands and face. To protect your hands, keep them well moisturized and wear gloves when going outside. Choose a product that locks in moisture and prevents you from losing any more. This is the best advice we can give you on how to fix dry hands!
  3. Beware of harsh cleaning agents. Simple day-to-day activities can leave hands dry and rough; like washing dishes or cleaning the house can actually make dry skin worse. Cleaning solutions and other common household items like dishwashing liquids can dry skin out even more and cause painful stinging. Be sure to wear rubber gloves to protect your skin and prevent irritation from soaps, sprays, or harsh liquids like bleach. Even when you wear rubber gloves, apply a hand lotion with petroleum jelly immediately after use to rehydrate your hands.
  4. Listen to your mother. At some point, you’ve learned from your mother or grandmother, that petroleum jelly is the best layer of protection for your hands. For decades, petroleum jelly has tackled moisture loss right at the source by keeping skin hydrated and protected from moisture loss. You can re-apply throughout the day as needed. Consider an overnight regiment to help with the skin’s natural renewal process by applying petroleum jelly directly to hands and feet, then cover with cotton gloves/socks and wake with softer renewed skin. The answer to your dry cracked hands may already be in your cabinet!
  5. Moisturize routine. If you have dry, cracked hands, you already know the challenges of keeping them moisturized throughout the day. Find a moisturizer that works for your skin type and keep a bottle or two handy everywhere you go. Remember to moisturize before bedtime to give skin an overnight treatment. Consistency is key, so have that moisturizer available when skin is feeling depleted. Just as we need water to stay healthy, our skin needs a moisturizer to stay healthy.

Be proactive when it comes to caring for the health of your skin, and lock that moisture in long before your hands start drying out. If you have questions or concerns about your dry skin, contact the skin care professionals at Vivia Center for a free consultation.

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