Vivia Center is an authorized Ideal Protein clinic in McLean, VA.

Skeptical about weight loss? Vivia Center’s Ideal Protein approach to weight loss uses science to convert stored body fat into energy. To increase your chances of success, the protocol emphasizes sensible weight loss, along with education to sustain your new body for years to come. We empower our clients to make healthy choices with continued support as you make the right long-term changes. The Ideal Protein program is a natural and effective way to achieve results that last a lifetime.

The Research

Developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh, MD, the protocol eliminates sugar from the diet to regulate insulin release and reduce or eliminate food cravings. With twenty years of success, the focus of his career became the treatment of obesity. As a means of preserving lean body mass, this diet designer emphasizes protein and leafy vegetables as main staples of the daily diet. In addition, Dr. Tran is a strong believer that if you understand what causes you to gain weight, it will help you conquer it. Research reveals the body burns energy from three sources: protein, carbohydrates, and fat. The goal of the Ideal Protein protocol is to deplete the carbohydrate intake to encourage the body to burn stored fat instead of glycogen reserves. According to Dr. Tran, many weight issues stem from insulin dysfunction.  Generally, an overproduction of insulin leads to low blood sugar which creates sugar craving and weight gain.

The Core Concept

A systemized weight loss protocol, Ideal Protein allows clients to lose an average of three to seven pounds of fat per week. This proven method works through the process of ketosis, where the body uses ketones from fat instead of glucose from carbohydrates to fuel the body. As you lose the weight, the results will also include: improved energy levels, appetite control, reduced cravings, and healthier blood sugar and cholesterol numbers, and a reduction in blood pressure. You are never alone on this diet, the Vivia Center team of coaches carefully supervise your progress and offer help with any challenge you may face.

The Tools

You don’t do this alone. With a team of wellness professionals, we assign you a personal coach, trained to assist you at every step. From paperwork to motivation, your personal coach provides tips, techniques, and everything you need to succeed. With constant communication, our team provides up-to-date information on product releases, seminars, workshops, and specialty client sessions available to you. In addition, we provide electronic reference materials about the diet for you to review from any mobile device. This Ideal Protein video library is designed to educate and guide you through the program with a clear understanding of what is happening within your body during each phase. As part of the journey, you are asked to keep a journal of what you eat, when you eat it, and why. The journal is a valuable tool to uncover and change unhealthy eating habits; it also becomes your success story in print!

You can expect:

  • A personalized coach that meets with you every week one-on-one

  • Additional coaching support outside your weekly sessions, including phone calls and email support

  • Lifestyle education and guidance from your coach and other Ideal Protein resources

  • A free iPhone and Android app that tracks your body measurements, lets you communicate with your coach during the week, and lets you complete your daily food journal

  • Daily Ideal Protein support videos and additional support from the Ideal Protein website

  • A stabilization protocol that helps you maintain your weight even once the diet is over

The Plan

There are four stages to the Ideal Protein program. Each phase has specific goals to keep you moving forward. To help combat typical diet cravings, there is a product line of Ideal Protein foods available in a variety of flavors and forms including ready-to-eat meal replacements, drink mixes, savory meal mixes, pudding mixes, breakfast foods, and more. New products are introduced regularly to add variety to an already long list of prepackaged items. Additionally, high-quality vitamin and mineral supplements are available to replace nutrients lost by the absence of restricted foods. As part of the program, we teach you to prepare meals, snacks, and healthy alternatives in your own kitchen. You’ll receive frequent Ideal Protein communication on tips, recipes, and proven techniques for a successful outcome.

Here’s what to expect in each step:

This step begins with a consultation with your coach to establish goals and record data pertaining to your health. With strict guidelines, you must follow the phase instructions until 80% of your weight loss goal is achieved. The good news: expect to lose three to seven pounds weekly. During this time, you will follow the suggested meal plans that include lean protein and leafy vegetables. If you don’t have time to prepare a meal at home, never miss a beat with a “grab and go” Ideal Protein meal replacement bar. At every phase of the diet, clients keep a record of food intake into a journal, which will later serve to be a valuable tool to your success.

Get Started

To get started on the Ideal Protein program, simply contact us or call us at 703-556-8882 and we’ll set up a one-on-one consultation with you to talk about your health goals. There is no obligation to try the diet after this consultation. Ideal Protein is not a gimmicky diet that uses celebrities to promote the cause, but instead, uses education to enhance your relationship with food. Start your journey here – contact us or call us at 703-556-8882 today!