Lavish Lashes

Lavish Lashes in McLean, VA

How It Works

As the saying goes, your eyes are the windows to your soul. Frame them with thick, long and full lashes for big, beautiful eyes that everyone will notice, with semi permanent eyelash extensions. The reason women wear mascara is to make their eyelashes look longer and thicker. Semi permanent eyelash extensions have the same effect, but unlike mascara, they last for weeks, not hours. Imagine doing away with the eyelash curlers, the mascara wand, the smudges, clumps and streaks and the struggle to remove it all a few hours later. Semi permanent eyelashes can give you the freedom to swim, workout, shed a tear and still have beautiful, thick lashes. Semi permanent eyelash extensions are individual strands of lash-like hair made from synthetic material, silk or even mink. Our experienced lash technician will apply adhesive to each extension and attach it to one of your natural eyelashes. Extensions are flexible, so they look natural, but they are strong enough to hold their shape and last as long as the eyelash stays in the lid.

Eyelashes have a natural life cycle of 3 to 6 weeks. They fall out and grow back again. Because of this, your eyelash extensions will only last as long as each lash’s life cycle. If you intend to keep the extensions in for a long period of time, you will have to go back to the salon for touch ups. The technician will attach new extensions to the new growth so that your lashes don’t have patchy gaps in them. If you have had the extensions put in for a special event like a wedding or holiday abroad, you can have them removed after a few weeks. The beauty of semi permanent eyelash extensions is that they feel like your natural eyelashes. They are so light you won’t even feel them on your eyelid, and because they look natural, no-one will notice they are not real. In fact, you’ll find that your friends will ask if you are using a new mascara – they will notice the difference!

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