Lasers are FDA cleared for facial acne, though they can be used anywhere acne is normally present.

How it Works

Light pulses are delivered through the skin’s surface, targeting an organic compound generated by the Propionibacterium acnes (p. acne) bacteria called porphyrin. These porphyrins are photosensitive and when targeted by light, generate singlet oxygen, which kill the p. acne bacteria that cause inflammation.

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In studies conducted at Wellman Labs in Massachusetts and at a private facility in California, 91% of patients saw their acne improve by an average of 66%. In the most recent clinical study patients saw their acne become 81% less severe.

Safety and Side Effects

Immediately following the procedure patients may experience mild to moderate redness and swelling that will fade in as little as a couple hours to as much as a few days.


Many patients describe the laser pulses as feeling like the snap of a rubber band against the skin. Your medical practitioner may recommend a topical anesthetic in order to make treatments more comfortable.

Treatment Program

Physicians who have conducted acne laser treatments frequently start with a four treatment course, two per week for two weeks. More treatments may be needed for those with more severe acne.