Tips to Look Good in Pictures

Tips to Look Good in Pictures for the Holidays

This is the time of year, everyone becomes a photographer. In the digital age, photos are snapped before you’ve even had a chance to say ‘cheese’. To make sure all of those flashing cameras and cell phones capture the very best you, here are a few tips to look good in pictures and to put your best face forward for a more photogenic holiday season.

1. What to wear.

Stick to dark colors that help you look thinner, but don’t count out other shades; dressing head to toe in one hue can be just as slimming as black or dark blue. Avoid bulky sweaters, extreme colors, prints or logos as these items don’t reproduce well in group shots. Glamorize your look with an exceptional accessory, but limit it to one piece. A stunning necklace or festive scarf is an easy way to perk up your outfit.

2. To pose or not to pose.

Whether standing or seated, don’t face the camera straight-on. Changing your posture ever so slightly can make you look significantly slimmer.   For standing shots, place yourself at a 45 degree angle to the camera, place one foot behind the other with weight on your back leg and swing one shoulder closer to the camera. When seated, sit up straight, avoid leaning back into the chair, and cross one leg over the other, and sit at a slight angle to the camera. Avoid being on the end of a group photo, those standing on the ends tend to look heavier.

 3. See the light.

In an ideal situation, natural light is the best for photos, but that’s typically not an option at holiday parties. The next best thing is soft, indirect lighting. Avoid standing directly under a light source; it will cast shadows where you do not want them, like under your eyes or on your hair making the color appear flat. Be ready for the unexpected flash and keep those eyes open.

 4. Smile softly.

We’ve been taught to say “cheese” to bring out our biggest smile. This year try saying “money” instead. The hard “e” sound lifts the corners of your mouth up without looking forced. If you have a tendency to smile a little too hard try gently pressing your tongue against the back of your teeth when you smile; this little trick prevents your smile from turning into a goofy grin. This is one of our favorite tips to look good in pictures!

 5. Put your best face forward.

Everyone wants to put their best face forward in holiday photos that will be shared for years to come. One of the most common photo fears is the dreaded double chin. Don’t be afraid to stick your neck out! Slightly lifting your chin and sticking your neck out makes your face look thinner and more flattering. However, if you want to make a real entrance to this year’s holiday event and have everyone complimenting your new look, consider lash extensions or a Botox® treatment.

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Have more tips to look good in pictures? Share them in the comments below!


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