What is Baby Botox?

What is Baby Botox?

What is Baby Botox? Don’t be alarmed by the name! This treatment, also known as “Light Botox,” involves receiving a lower-than-average dosage of Botox in order to soften wrinkles while still allowing natural facial movement. Patients are aiming for a natural look rather than the “deer in the headlight” look that can occur when dosed improperly.

A Plastic Surgeon describes his process: “I typically use half the number of units in the forehead (10-12 units of Botox or 30-35 units of Dysport) versus what I typically use in the muscles between the eyebrows or near the corners of the eyes (crow’s feet), each of which usually require 18-20 units (60 units of Dysport).”

Patients with deep wrinkles or strong forehead muscles certainly may require a greater number of units. The goal is to give you a natural look with some residual movement but eliminate or soften the horizontal forehead lines. Over-treating the forehead can cause the eyebrows to feel heavy. An additional benefit, lighter treatment is less expensive for patients.

The goal is to use a low dose of Botox to soften the lines but still allows some natural movement.  The effect will not last as long as a full treatment with Botox. Many patients come in looking for a subtle reduction of the forehead, frown lines, or crow’s feet wrinkles. The smaller treatments of Baby Botox work as a great preventative treatment and it is easier on your wallet.

To learn about regular Botox, visit our Botox page. To find out more about what Baby Botox is, contact Vivia Center and find out if Botox is right for you.


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