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What Is Thermage?

Contour and Tighten Skin on the Body, Face, and Neck with Thermage

When many people look for ways to slow down aging, they often look for help with their facial wrinkles. If only they would go away, we could all look 10 years longer. But actually, it’s sagging and bagging skin that robs you of a youthful look. And those looking for a radical cure for progressive loss of elasticity and collagen often resort to a facelift.

Luckily, there is a non-invasive solution that seemingly turns back the clock.

Thermage treatments contour and tighten loose skin without invasive surgery or injections. Treatment doesn’t result in a dramatic transformation like you would find with a surgical facelift, but it does tone and redefine facial lines. Most importantly, it delivers the results you want – a youthful and energized appearance.

What Areas of the Body Are Candidates for Thermage?

What’s really exciting is that practically any area of your body can be rejuvenated with Thermage technology. On the face and jawline skin becomes firmer and tighter after treatment. Creases around the nose and mouth are softened, erasing years from your skin. And if you want even more pronounced and dramatic results Thermage treatments can be combined with Botox and Restylane.

Around the lips, fine lines and wrinkles are diminished – without injections and fillers. During the procedure, college production is stimulated so that the lips look plumper and more youthful.

When it comes to treating delicate eye tissue, Thermage is ideal. Under eye bags, crow’s feet, and hooding, all which result in a tired and weary appearance, are dramatically reduced. No bruising or swelling to the eyes occurs.

Many people are thrilled to discover their “turkey neck,” that droopy, saggy skin on the neck area, is tightened and transformed.

And while Thermage works wonderfully on the face, other areas of the body can be contoured and tightened as well. Thermage tightens and lifts the deep underlying tissues of the skin in the “jiggly” areas of the abdomen, arms, and legs. Successful treatment of cellulite occurs as well.

Even the hands look younger with Thermage treatments. Signs of aging are often first revealed on the hands.  That’s because collagen there deteriorates very rapidly.  With Thermage hand lines and wrinkles are diminished and replaced by a softer, smoother, and suppler appearance.

How Does Thermage Treatments Work?

Radiofrequency technology heats up the tissues of the terminus right beneath the skin’s top layer. This control key causes the skin to contract and tightened. As a result, the collagen is stimulated and over time new collagen grows and develops. This is significant because collagen keeps our skin tightened and contoured. Once it breaks down wrinkles and a loss of elasticity in the skin is the results. 

What Makes Thermage Different?

In addition to the fact that Thermage is noninvasive with very little downtime, it’s also ideal for all skin colors. And while laser treatments are useful for tightening the skin, Thermage heats much more deeply. That makes Thermage more effective at treating the collagen that is already there as well as stimulating the production of new collagen.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Thermage is and Thermage treatments, Vivia Center can give you the details you need. We use the ThermoCool TC, a computer-controlled radio-frequency device, to tighten the skin without any injury to the epidermis whatsoever. No pain, no wounds, no more saggy skin. Visit us today!


Vivia Center offers skin care treatments covering a wide range of needs utilizing the latest technologies, giving patients a superior service from a medical team they know and trust.

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